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We’re here to turn heads and line your pockets.

We’re here for the lifestylers.

The ones that want to line their pockets from their creative pursuits. Whether that’s fashion, blogging, styling, food, design, the list goes on. For too long we’ve seen talented lifestylers pour heart and soul into their craft, yet struggle to make a living off their online homes. We see incredible talent hiding behind fear and lack of skills in getting their ideas to a wider audience.

Outskirt is our attempt to bridge the gap between lifestyle and business smarts. We want to equip creatives, Influencers and aspiring designers with the skills to sell their work, communicate with confidence and scale their talent. We do this through informative articles, motivating stories from real artists and real campaigns, and creating opportunities for collaboration. 

Ironically, it can be a lonely place being a Lifestyler – we’re not driven by the 9-5, the hustle, the money. We’re driven by the pure love of it. And that can be isolating when we don’t have the right people around us. It feels like we’re on the outskirt of society.

We’re making the Outskirt feel like home. 


The real stories of lifestylers who are embracing life on the outskirts.

The answers to your burning business questions.

Editorials and photoshoots.

The crew to help you make a living.

Coming soon.


Kate Toholka


First and foremost, a lover of words. After that, a digital strategist, writer, red wine advocate and beach goer.

Driving the business development for House of Sage, manning the strategic direction for clients and loving her role as Editor-in-Chief of Outskirt, Kate is a bundle of contradictions: a big dreamer, yet driven by processes. Obsessed with words, yet not much of a talker. Loves a party, but only for a little while.

Kate is an ambitious, young wannabe-creative with relentless work ethic and a laser-focused ‘priority-filter’. Driven by purpose and fueled by a motto of ‘Simplify. Focus. Do’, Kate’s main focus is making things happen.


Find Kate here:

House of Sage Agency Website

House of Sage Agency Instagram

Monika Berry

Creative Director


A lover of photographs, smart design and all things pretty. She is often caught up in the tiny details and capturing the beauty around her, yet always brings a sense of calm and ease to all that she does. 

Naturally, she is the Creative Director behind House of Sage and Outskirt Blog. Bringing any project to life through images and design. She is less about the process and more about the big picture. 

Monika is driven by the desire to make all things unique and beautiful, her motto is “Be yourself, everyone else is taken” by Oscar Wilde. 

Find Monika here:

House of Sage Agency Website

House of Sage Agency Instagram

Personal Instagram