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At Home – Editorial

Kate Toholka

Featuring Amor + Grace maternity wear.

My life is about to change. Anticipating the arrival of our new kid has seen us reflect on the state of our current lives. 

We wanted to do a photoshoot to capture this special time – but not in a styled, Pinterest-worthy way. We wanted to capture what our lives really look like right now.

And that looks likes one overly affectionate dog, one camera-shy dog, a messy home and two parents-to-be still working from their home office. This shoot captures our reality, even if it’s not all that glamorous. I look at these photos and the first thought is “wow, I look terrible”. Then I realise I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is life in my lens, and the new addition can only make it all the better. 

Location: Torquay, Victoria

Shot for

Social media  

Models: Kate Toholka, Tim Sonogan, Hershey and Opie.

Product Feature: Maternity clothing by Amor + Grace

Photography + Art Direction: Monika Berry, House of Sage