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I came across Birds of Tokyo a few years back, we got some amazing seats to their gig at Festival Hall, Melbourne. I wasn’t a raving fan, my husband was a Karnivool fan and was man crushing on Ian Kenny, so we went along. When we left the gig, we were SOLD. 100% loyal fans. 

The following years would see us attend all their tours, pre-order albums and have them in our regular playlists. 

Enter March 2017, when they were on a regional tour with my own hometown on the map, Geelong. An experience that only my camera would take me, my very own front row. With ZERO gig experience, I went in to the pit and began capturing a band I admired. 

When I put my camera up to my eye, the world looks different. Suddenly all the tiny details, the face structures and body language becomes magnified. For the first time, I saw this band beyond their music, instead as creatives lost in their music.