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The FBOMB Show: What’s it really like for mums in business?

The FBOMB Show, co-founded by Penny Locaso, Kate Toholka and Sheree Rubenstein, has been designed to inspire female entrepreneurs by uncovering what it really takes to build high-growth ventures. It aims to spark a conversation on the real life challenges entrepreneurs face as they build ambitious ventures.

Though targeted at women, it’s a great series for all creatives in general as the very issues discussed are the taboo subjects many creatives face, yet don’t particularly talk about much.

In this episode, we talk about the realities of being a ‘business mum’ in face of a society that places intense pressure on us to be full time mums yet still chase a career. 

How do we juggle the roles? How do we manage the constant battle of sexism around motherhood and working? How are our relationships impacted by our choices?

As a creative, what’s your take on this? How do you manage your roles?

Author: Kate Toholka, House of Sage

Credits for FBOMB show:

Penny Locaso, BKindred

Sheree Rubinstein, One Roof Women

Robert Moorman, Hunting With Pixels

Images: Monika Berry, House of Sage