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How do I make my market stall stand out?


You may be thinking about applying to hold a stall at the next big market. Markets are generally predictable – the same type of products, showcased the same way. But you don’t want to be like that!

There are three key goals to think about when maximising your market stall:

1. Attraction.

Firstly, it’s all about attracting the right customers to come up to your stall. The attention is in the details: the layout of your products, the styling or the stall, teh colours and all the little touches that grab the attention of people walking by. It has to attract the right customer so avoid going for absolutely anything – consider what your customer is looking for.

2. Engagement.

Drawing people to your stall is one thing, but getting them to engage with you is going to be the most important thing you can do. Simply talking to them won’t be enough, as you can only do so much. Consider other fun ways to get people interacting with your products and/or you. An example could be providing free interactive demos of your beauty products, or mini-styling sessions with your fashion.

3. Getting it online.

Every opportunity is an opportunity for content – so wherever possible, get your market experience online! That’s by encouraging your customers to share snaps using a certain hashtag to win something, running a live Instagram or Facebook video or providing a ‘photo wall’ with props to create some fun snaps. For inspiration, check out how 6ft6 Wine uses clever on brand props to encourage people to share snaps online.

Author: Kate Toholka, House of Sage

Photography: Monika Berry, House of Sage

Location: King of the Castle x Geelong Creatives market