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How do I use Instagram Stories to promote my products?

The key to using Instagram Stories effectively is to make a story using a number of images or videos. Some examples include:

  • Telling a story of how you make the product
  • Take followers through a virtual tour of your studio or shop
  • Sharing a personal story about the products
  • Sharing a personal story about you
  • Inviting followers to take advantage of a sale by showing them how to access it.
  • Share a personal insight into something that didn’t work (e.g. failed attempt at making product or dealing with wrong orders)

A combination of video, photo or boomerang can be used to liven up the story. There’s no hard data yet to tell us what is the most effective so we recommend experimenting as much as possible. Try a Live video at least once – just be sure to do it at a busy time!

But word of warning: there are good and bad ways to tell these stories!

  • Avoid posting video after video of you speaking to the camera. The majority of people click through these without listening to anything you say. Keep it to 1-3 short videos of you speaking but break it up by moving the camera around.
  • The quality of the photo or video doesn’t necessarily need to be as professional as your feed, but they do need to be in good light. Avoid filming scenes in the dark or taking photos in the shadows so that the image is easy to interpret. Feel free to share your professional photos in an Instagram story – they are always a refreshing difference!
  • Avoid stand alone shots. They are called Stories for a reason – so ensure that there are at least 3-4 images or videos in your sequence. 

Author: Kate Toholka, House of Sage

Photography: Monika Berry, House of Sage

Model: Camilla Peffer