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“Some people think my email address is a spam email because of the word witch.”


Not the ideal outcome but it’s one Laura takes in her stride.


“It’s the fact that even in this day and age, people still are prejudice about witches. Or they may see it as a scummy type name. But when people really think about it, they think… “Oh white witch… ok yeah… I think that means healer” but White Healer just doesn’t sound right, does it?”

Laura’s journey to becoming the ‘White Witch’, which her chemical-free cleaning brand originates from, started a long time ago.


“For as long as I have known I have always been called a white witch. I grew up with my alternative dad who now lives in a caravan in the bush. He has a meditation room built onto it. I grew up doing yoga with him in the mornings and I’ve always been in touch with everyone’s emotions and always wanting to help people.”


So when Laura was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease two years ago, she saw creating a solution for herself could be shared with others. Hashimoto’s Disease is an autoimmune disease that targets the thyroid and many people with the disease look to limit their exposure to harsh chemicals. Laura began making her own cleaning products in an attempt to reduce her exposure but acknowledges how hard it is in this day and age to be completely chemical free.


“It’s a very hard task to be completely chemical free but by replacing one thing at a time, I have become pretty close.”

Laura has read guidance cards for the past nine years and a qualified reiki therapist for the last four. Her innate belief that we have everything we need to heal ourselves on this earth is an  ethos embedded richly into her brand.


“The brand is here to show you all to love yourselves and care for it with what nature has to offer. All the items are blessed and made with love.”

Laura isn’t a new face new face on the scene. Her other passion is Geelong Creatives, a community platform for creatives to connect.


The general concept began when I found that I enjoyed posting local products and shout outs on my North of the Hill instagram, where I used to sell concrete concepts and canvas art.  This naturally progressed to collaborations with other creatives, followed by the first collaborative photoshoot of local creatives work. So I thought why not make its own instagram. 18 months on GC has grown into a large dynamic group of thriving creatives with an online hub.


It has come with its challenges. The Geelong Creatives store unfortunately had to be closed and markets are on the way out. It’s something that is happening everywhere – the online space proving to be a silent killer to the ol’ weekend markets.

“We are now focusing on Westfield and King of the Castle markets, Workshops and Membership consults to guide the creatives in the right direction with their businesses.  Along with our two collaborative photo shoots per year, creative get togethers, and Geelong Illustrators. The listings on the website and social media posts would have to be the biggest and most valuable part of the memberships with Geelong Creatives.”

Her experiences with Geelong Creatives are proving helpful for her growth with White Witch Botanicals. Laura predominantely sells online through her own website or through wholesalers. She recommends being involved in giveaways or gifting items to people as a helpful way to get the brand name out there.

“You just gotta find ways to get yourself out there. Yeah it does get quite at times but you just need to keep at it and be consistent. Be confident in your brand.”

Feature: Laura Van Noordenburg


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Author: Kate Toholka, House of Sage

Photography: Monika Berry, House of Sage