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“Should I go offer the girls help with the letters?” Tim remarks as we prepare for the Outskirt launch party.

“No, don’t even dare. ”


They may not look it, but Eve and Jess from Love Light Letters are as strong as their personalities. And they absolutely do not want your help with lifting or transporting their letters.

“We’ve got a system so it’s actually not helpful when others try to help.”


Eve and Jess are the formidable duo behind a rapidly growing brand that is fast becoming well known around the region. Their huge letters are used for weddings, baby showers, engagements and corporate events all over the state. They were the first in the state to set up this type of business after having difficulty sourcing giant LOVE letters for their own weddings in 2013.

“The ongoing comment of ‘how awesome would it be to have a business together’ went from just that to LLL being born over a bottle of vino one day in the summer holidays of 2014 and by Valentine’s Day that next February we launched our business to our friends and our handmade giant LOVE letters were on the lawn at Jack Rabbit Winery and that was that.”


The duo sure have come a long way from their humble beginnings.


“We sponsored the Australia Day Polo, we have supplied K Rock with letters for two of their large events with two more coming up. We have supplied letters for the Geelong Football Club Best and Fairest, Christmas party and the latest being their Season Launch at Crown. Plus an upcoming event for the stadium re-launch in May.”

They may have scored some pretty big clients but they are the first to admit that it was more hard work than luck. Their relentless work ethic sure helps but also acknowledging that they had to earn their keep in order to get the word out about Love Light Letters. Something they feel all creatives should embrace.


“Basically, it’s about giving your all, sacrificing your time and your paid product to get your name out there. We have been introduced to contra deals which we have loved doing and we have worked some really hard, long hours sometimes for very little – just to take that next step to ensure that the following big event that client has, they’ll be sure to think of us!! And its working!“

Managing a new business that doesn’t produce an income in the beginning stages is something all creatives experience. Luckily Eva and Jess can supplement their income with a full time job – one that they both love. That said, they face a huge challenge with the limited time they have available.


“Logistics and timeframes must be carefully planned and organised well in advance. We have become masters of this! We spend Sundays forward planning for the week ahead and 1 Sunday a month coordinating what’s coming up and reviewing any problems or challenges we had in the previous month and it is such a great insight.”


And then there’s the logistics of transporting their mammoth sized letters across the state.


“As our stock changes and we have grown, we had to start our relationship with hire companies and rent trucks, vans, utes and whatever it was that was going to get us through that weekend’s jobs and this in itself provides us with many a double trip back to Geelong for pickup and delivery to ensure we don’t get charged that unnecessary extra day!”


“We’ve crunched the numbers a few times and it just isn’t viable to have our own van or truck so for now, this is how we roll. Its mental, and sometimes takes a lot of our income to do, but we learn along the way what we need to add onto our product hire to cover our overheads and that’s just business!

We can now successfully back and maneuver our way out of MOST spots with the trailer on, and without a doubt could name a hundred people who offer their assistance once they see two girls get out of the ute to unload or set up. Its priceless!”

So, what’s next for Love Light Letters?

“We purchased an entire alphabet in a new size range of 1.2m, which has opened doors for us with new opportunities and our focus has been on growing our business from a mainly wedding focus that included some engagement parties and baby showers to now moving into the corporate world and loving every bit of it. “



Feature: Eve and Jess


Author: Kate Toholka, House of Sage

Photography: Monika Berry, House of Sage

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