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It only takes one glance to recognise a Sarah Pirrottina painting.

The bright colours. The boldness. The intricate details. The almost hallucinogenic effect. It is such an unique style that the very first question I ask is: how did you find it?

“I come from a commercial graphic artist background. 15 years at Target Australia, as a Graphic Designer, was my dream job! I wanted to explore what was going on in my own thoughts, what I loved to research and stories I loved to read. I began sketching, and practising painting techniques and from there, family members requested artworks to have commissioned.”

But surely someone with that much unique talent has been doing this for a long, long time?

“I was ALWAYS drawing from a young age.  Even on the first day of school, I was really unsettled, and really upset. My teacher put a chalkboard and chalk in front of me, and I immediately relaxed and began to draw. Painting came later in high school briefly, but was guided to choose the scientific path. I was introduced to Picasso briefly and I was hooked on abstract work!”

It’s clear that Sarah has the passion to go with her talent. The intricate details must take weeks to complete (in fact, the larger paintings take up to a month to complete). I also noticed that Sarah has introduced ‘Blueprints’ – artworks that are created by Sarah’s interpretation of what she sees, hears and feels, with her mind’s eye, her intuition and her emotion.

“We live in a “throw away” society, where things are produced quickly to make a quick dollar.

I want to be able to sell artwork that is predominantly original. I love the creative process as it takes me on a journey, that I’m uncertain of finishing, but when i get to the finish, i stand back, and think, “that came out of my head?”

Despite admitting that she struggles with the business side of things, it looks like Sarah’s work is on it’s way to stardom.

“I remember seeing this news report or even on a talk show, I can’t remember when, but a young boy had prospective buyers, lined up for his artwork… waitlisted for months for a commissioned piece of art. This would be my dream!”

Feature: Sarah Pirrottina


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Author: Kate Toholka, House of Sage

Photography: Monika Berry, House of Sage

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