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What can I outsource?

Despite believing we can do everything ourselves, it’s worth looking at investing in outsourcing your weaknesses. There’s only so much business owners can do and though the upfront investment may seem unrealistic, the ultimate financial benefit can be worth the risk. Though not an exhaustive list, here are some areas worth considering external help with:



The most mundane of business admin is hugely necessary, but a drain on time and energy if the wrong systems are in place. Using a program like Xero can save a lot of time, not just in managing invoices but preparing your tax commitments.


Publicity can go a long way in boosting your brand but it can also be the first thing to be neglected when time is limited. Hiring a PR consultant to either teach you how to effectively gain publicity efficiently or to do it for you is recommended if you aim to increase your sales.


A picture says a thousand words and a good picture sells. Ok, the quote is made up but the premise is true. High quality photography is incredibly important for product-based businesses and unless you are a talented photographer or willing to invest time into becoming one, hire one regularly for all your product and brand related photos.

Social Media Management

Posting a great photo isn’t enough to build a strong social media presence. It’s all about engagement and building a community – all of which takes considerable time. Investing in a social media manager can lighten the load so they can take on the role of building a community while you do what you do best.

Content Creation:

The future of marketing is all about content – giving incredible value over and over before asking for the sale. It’s a slow burner that can take time and persistence to pay off, but when it does, boy does it pay off. Hiring content creators can not only help you create beautiful visual content and words, they can help you to stand out among the crowd by guiding your marketing campaigns. This can cover your social media, blog and website.


Putting your products into packaging can be a drain on your time – especially once the orders start increasing. Hiring a friend or anybody to package your products can leave you with a lot of time and happiness!

Website Management

If you run an online shop, the management and upkeep of your website can become time consuming.

Graphic Design

Sure you can use a site like to create your own snazzy graphics and logo but a) unless you’re super talented, the quality isn’t going to be great. And b) it takes a lot of time. Building a relationship with a graphic designer can pay off in the long run.

Author: Kate Toholka, House of Sage

Photography: Monika Berry, House of Sage for Geelong Creatives shoot featuring members