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Where can I meet clients if I don’t have an office or studio?


So, you offer commissioned works and have a meeting scheduled with a client, but no set location. Or your current studio isn’t equipped for private meetings. Here are 14 possible places to meet with your clients: 

1. Make it virtual.

Skype. Google Hangouts. Or a phone call. The most time-efficient option really.

2. A quiet cafe.

Quiet being an important word here. Choose one with table service – trust me on this one.

3. Coworking space.

Awesome option if you have one nearby. Most have small meeting rooms to hire. Plus wifi: check.


4. The park.

Most parks have tables and seats, or you could go down the more casual path and either take a walk or sit down on the grass.

5. A spare office at a colleague’s work.

Friends are handy, especially if they work in an office with a spare meeting room.

6. The local library.

Plenty of meeting rooms to use. They might even be free. 

7. Take a hike together.

Walking meetings are excellent options if you don’t need to be sitting down reviewing documents or anything. 

8. The golf course.

Feel like a millionaire.

9. Local universities.

Universities have so many spaces to sit down and hold a meeting. So many.

10. Bookstores.

Quiet, and most likely have a cafe attached. 

11.  The client’s home.

The most ideal option if you need to gauge an idea of the space your commissioned work is going to be featured.

12. Wine bar.

My local wine bar is spacious, quiet and a great spot for meetings. Maybe yours is too.

13. Hotels.

Not your room, but either a conference room or in their large lobby/bars. 

14. Council offices.

Council offices tend to have plenty of small and medium conference rooms available for hire.

Author: Kate Toholka, House of Sage

Photography: Monika Berry, House of Sage for Geelong Creatives shoot featuring members